Lower eyelid correction

With age, the tissue under the eyes loses tone and the midface can sag. This can lead to bags under the eyes, which make the face appear tired or sad. A simple eyelid correction makes it possible to remove bags and wrinkles on the lower eyelid.

A lower eyelid correction can also be performed on a droopy lower eyelid where the eyelashes hang down and the inside of the eyelid is partially visible. To bring the lower eyelid back in line with the eye, the area of the lower eyelid where the eyelashes are located is shortened and the outer corners of the eye are lifted. The incision is placed either below the lash line or on the side of the lower lid facing the eye to ensure an inconspicuous scar.


In our first consultation we will take enough time to get to know your individual ideas and needs and present you with different treatment methods. If you decide to have a surgical procedure, I will give you detailed information about the procedure in a second consultation. We will discuss all important aspects, answer your questions and prepare the necessary documents.

For the operation, I use a very fine needle, the puncture of which is hardly noticeable, to inject local anaesthetic under the skin. I then make a very fine incision just under the eyelashes. Through this incision I remove small fat deposits and a thin layer of skin. If your skin is still tight but the underlying fat deposits are pushing forward, the incision can also be made on the inner side of the lower eyelid in the area of the conjunctiva. I use a very fine thread to close the wound. With both methods, practically no visible scars are to be expected later.


A lower eyelid correction is suitable for people who suffer from drooping or sagging lower eyelids, bags under the eyes or wrinkles on the lower eyelid and want an improved aesthetic appearance.

In a lower eyelid correction, excess skin is removed, fat deposits are corrected and the tissue is tightened. This can be done through a skin incision below the lash line or on the side of the lower eyelid facing the eye.

The recovery time can vary from individual to individual, but it usually takes a few days to about a week to recover from a lower eyelid lift. Swelling and bruising may occur, but these usually subside after some time.

The skin incision for a lower eyelid lift is placed so that the scars are practically invisible later. As a rule, they are placed below the lash line or on the side of the lower eyelid facing the eye.

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